Community Input Meeting Outcome: Slides & Survey

A huge thank you to everyone that came to our community meeting earlier this month!

We had over 50 people participate in a constructive conversation about the state of the organization, our plan to move forward this year, and how PFTP supporters can step up to make the organization work.

If you weren't able to make it to the meeting, we still want your participation!

Please see below for a recap of what was discussed at the meeting, and take an online survey where you can provide feedback and let us know how you hope to engage with PFTP this year.

Once we've compiled all the feedback, we'll send out an announcement about next steps and how you can get involved.
 Here's a brief synopsis of what we covered at the community meeting:

  • Despite a diverse number of financial, staffing, and organizational issues, the PFTP Board of Directors decided to NOT shut down or merge with another organization
  • Instead, the PFTP Board of Directors have decided to:
    • Operate as a 100% volunteer organization for the immediate future
    • Create a short-term (1 year) programming plan that focuses on:
      • Community Orchards: In partnership with community groups and organizations, we will support a network of community orchards that serve as education and fruit access hubs for neighborhoods.
      • DIY/Special Groups Harvest Program: We will provide support for the development of self-organized harvests across the broader community. We will also develop focused harvest programs to strengthen equitable food access and community empowerment.

View the presentation:

Take the Survey: