Fruit Tree Care

Our Fruit Tree Stewardship programs provide opportunities for tree owners and interested community members to develop the knowledge and skills they need to care for their own fruit trees, and to help care for fruit trees in their community. Through these programs we are increasing the health and productivity of fruit trees.

PFTP's Fruit Tree Stewardship programs include:

Tree Care Workshops

Our Tree Care Workshop Series is on hiatus for 2017.

Tree Care workshops provide hands-on opportunities to learn organic methods of tree care. We offer a number of workshops on different topics throughout the year.

Click here for a list of past workshops

Tree Care Teams

Our Tree Care Teams program is on hiatus for 2017.

Our Tree Care Teams program is a year-long opportunity for volunteers to develop advanced tree care skills and perform much-needed care for fruit trees harvested by PFTP.

Click here for more info about our Tree Care Teams program

Informational Resources

Portland Fruit Tree Project has created the following informational resources for fruit tree owners with tips on ripening, harvesting, and year-round organic tree care - specific to fruit trees, nut trees, and fruiting vines that are commonly grown in Portland. These are currently being hosted on a Google site - Click on the links below: