Backyard Harvests

Backyard Harvests are held in the yards of Portland residents all over the city


Backyard Harvest Program

Backyard Harvests are a resource for homeowners who have more fruit than they can eat, want to prevent food waste, and want their fruit to help feed those who are nutritionally insecure.

During the Harvest Season (July to November), Portland Fruit Tree Project works with groups of volunteers to harvest excess fruit from the yards of Portland residents, and then donates the majority of it to a nearby food pantry or to another recipient agency. This year, harvests will take place on Thursday late-afternoons, Saturday mornings, and Saturday afternoons.


PFTP is not able to harvest every single tree we have registered in the City of Portland (about 4,000), so we have to make difficult decisions about which trees we can harvest through this program. We are choosing to prioritize harvests where families are unable to pick the fruit themselves (elderly community members, or those with a disability or other physical limitation), and those who have such an abundance of fruit that a big group of volunteers is necessary in order to pick it all.

If you don’t meet the criteria for a Backyard Harvest, but would still like to donate your excess fruit, please check out our Harvest Box Pickup pilot program, and our other DIY Harvest Programs!

Sliding Scale Donation

These are volunteer-driven events, and require hours of preparation and coordination, which is why we are requesting a sliding scale donation for this service between $25 and $100. This donation goes directly towards equity-based programming, and to alleviate issues of food and nutrition insecurity in the Portland area. If you are unable to pay $25, please contact us at harvest@portlandfruit.org; we do not want to turn anyone away for lack of funds.

Sign-up Form

If you are interested in signing up for a Backyard Harvest this summer, and your tree is about two weeks away from being completely ripe, please fill out the “Request Backyard Harvest” Google Form (below)! We have a limited number of Backyard Harvest slots available this season, and requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. Thank you very much for your interest, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!