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Harvest Box Pickup

Homeowners pick the fruit, we pick the fruit up for donation.

Harvest Box Pickup Program

In addition to the Backyard Harvest program, our Harvest Box Pickup Program is a resource for homeowners who have more fruit than they can eat, want to prevent food waste, and want their fruit to help feed those who are nutritionally insecure. This is a pilot program for the 2019 Harvest Season, inspired by a similar project at City Fruit in Seattle.

The Harvest Box Pickup program is designed specifically for tree owners who are able to harvest their tree themselves, usually with the help of friends, family, and neighbors, and/or those who aren’t comfortable hosting a group of people for a Backyard Harvest. This may also include DIY Harvesters who do not have a means of transporting their excess fruit to a food pantry, and/or don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download our DIY Harvest Kit to learn how to harvest and sort your fruit. You’ll find information in this guide about where in Portland there are Tool Lending Libraries that have tools you might need (ladders, picking poles, rakes), as well as information regarding our sorting process.

  • The Three Category Sort: Separate the fruit between “Good” (Grade A) and “Ok” (Grade B) fruit. The third category is “Compost”, and that fruit can either be placed in your green bin, or be used creatively in other ways like dehydration or jam/pie making, or you can donate it to a local pig farmer!

  • After harvesting and sorting the fruit, place the fruit in cardboard boxes or paper bags labelled with either “Good” or “Ok”, and leave them for pickup somewhere accessible on your property in a cool, dry spot (ex: front porch in the shade). This is a great opportunity to give that pile of Amazon boxes a second life!

  • A PFTP Staff or Volunteer will come by and pick up your pre-sorted fruit (hopefully within 24 hours), and immediately transport the fruit to a local food pantry or other fruit recipient agency for donation.

Sign up Form

Harvest Box Pickups will be available throughout the 2019 Harvest Season, between July and November. When your fruit is already harvested and ready for pickup (no need to fill out this form before then), please fill out the “Request Harvest Box Pickup” Google Form (below), and we’ll come pick up your fruit for donation within 24 hours!