Share in the harvest!

The Portland Fruit Tree Project organizes neighbors to harvest

excess fruit and make it available to people in need.


Harvest Program

Most people who have their own fruit trees love eating the fruit from their trees, and they aren’t able to eat it all. Especially for those with multiple fruit trees in full production, homeowners can be inundated with much more fruit than they (and their neighbors and friends) are able to eat.

Portland Fruit Tree Project provides a variety of ways of supporting these community members, while also preventing food waste and promoting food justice in Portland. Scroll down to read more about our Backyard Harvest, Harvest Box Pickup, Partner Harvest, and other DIY Harvest Programs! You can also consult our “PFTP Harvest Dichotomous Key” if you need help figuring out which model is best for you! As always, at least 50% of all fruit harvested is donated to local hunger relief organizations.

If you’re interested in volunteering for a harvest, check out our Volunteer page!


DIY Harvests


Harvest your neighbor’s fruit

If you want to share some excess fruit, consider joining our Share in the Harvest Facebook Group to find neighbors near you who want to come harvest it! If you are interested in gleaning in your own neighborhood, you can use this group to find places where your neighbors need their fruit harvested.

Sites such as Craigslist, Nextdoor, Rooster, and Buy Nothing are also great places to post information on excess fruit for neighbors to pick up! Portland’s Neighborhood Association Pages website is another great resource.

Harvest & donate your own fruit

If you want to harvest your own fruit, and are interested in transporting it for donation, download our DIY Harvest Kit for information on harvesting, sorting, and donating your excess fruit! This kit has information on where to rent/buy harvesting tools, as well as donation locations all over Portland.


Harvest Box Pickup

Do you want to donate your excess fruit, and you’re able to harvest the fruit yourself (possibly with help from friends & neighbors), but you don’t have the capacity or interest in transporting it for donation?

Host a harvest party with your community, sort your fruit, and set it aside for PFTP to pick up and donate to a local hunger relief organization. Click below to read more!

DIY Harvest.jpg

Backyard Harvests

Do you want to donate your excess fruit, but you’re unable to harvest it all yourself?

Portland Fruit Tree Project works with groups of volunteers to harvest excess fruit from the yards of Portland residents all over the city, and then donates the majority of it to a nearby food pantry or to another recipient agency. Read more about this program by clicking below!



Partner Harvests

Partner Harvests are private harvest events organized in partnership with local groups looking for a team-building volunteer experience, and who are interested in furthering the goals of promoting food justice and preventing food waste.

Click below to learn more about how to sign up for a Partner Harvest with your group or organization!



If you have specific questions regarding the Harvest Program, please contact us at