Share in the harvest!

The Portland Fruit Tree Project organizes neighbors to harvest

excess fruit and make it available to people in need.


Harvest Program

Most people who have their own fruit trees love eating the fruit from their trees, and they aren’t able to eat it all. Especially for those with multiple fruit trees in full production, homeowners can be inundated with much more fruit than they (and their neighbors and friends) are able to eat.

Portland Fruit Tree Project provides a variety of ways of supporting these community members, while also preventing food waste and promoting food justice in Portland. Scroll down to read more about our Backyard Harvest, Harvest Box Pickup, Partner Harvest, and other DIY Harvest Programs!


Backyard Harvests

Have a tree in your yard, but you’re unable to harvest it all yourself?

Backyard Harvests are held in the yards of Portland residents all over the city.


DIY Harvests

Do you want to donate your excess fruit, and you’re able to harvest the fruit yourself (possibly with help from friends & neighbors)?

Harvest Box Pickup

Harvest your tree, then we’ll pick up the fruit and take it to a local food pantry!

DIY Harvest kit

Download our DIY Harvest Kit for information on harvesting, sorting, and donating your excess fruit!

Harvest your neighbor’s fruit

Join our Share in the Harvest Facebook Group to find neighbors near you who have fruit they want to share!


Partner Harvests

Partner Harvests are private harvest events organized in partnership with local groups looking for a team-building volunteer experience, and who are interested in furthering the goals of promoting food justice and preventing food waste.

Click below to learn more about how to sign up for a Partner Harvest with your group or organization!


Tree Care Resources

Interested in learning more about ripening, harvesting, and tree care?

Check out our resources for tree-owners and tree-enthusiasts: