News from PFTP:

Upcoming Harvests

PFTP is hosting regular Backyard Harvests throughout the Harvest Season (until mid-November), generally on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Click the links below to register to volunteer for one of these community-building events!!


Stay tuned to the website and the mailing list to be the first to know when the next harvest events are happening!

Community orchards

Join our incredible groups of volunteer Orchard Stewards for regular work-and-learn events at the five Community Orchards around town! It’s a great way to learn more about fruit tree stewardship and meet other tree-enthusiasts in your neighborhood. Monthly work parties are also listed below on the calendar.

Treasurer for PFTP BOard

PFTP is searching for a community member who is interested in joining the PFTP Board of Directors to fill the role of Treasurer! If interested, and you have experience in the field of accounting or finance, please fill out this Board Application ASAP! This volunteer position will be open until filled.

Upcoming Events: